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NO IMPORT DUTY ON OUR CARS , direct transfers in your name.

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Finding Your LHD Car for Spain Just Got Easy!

Confused about navigating the Spanish LHD car market? Let MY LHD CAR SPAIN simplify it for you. We take the stress out of finding your perfect vehicle, offering three hassle-free solutions:

  • One-Stop Solution:  We source and register a beautiful Spanish LHD car for you, with all fees included. One car, one price, zero worries.

  • Beyond Spain:  Can't find your dream LHD in Spain? We'll source it from anywhere in Europe, handle the registration, and arrange delivery right to your door.

  • Smart Import Option:  No NIE or PADRON? No problem! Register your car in the Spain through our Gestor temporarily or in France under EU regulations and enjoy it in Spain for over six months (no import tax on low-emission vehicles!).


  • Stress-Free Experience:  Say goodbye to paperwork headaches! Our expert agents handle everything, from sourcing the perfect car to navigating the registration process.

We help you avoid unnecessary fees and import taxes, ensuring you get the best deal on your dream LHD car.

  • Quality & Assurance: We work with reliable dealers and offer warranties for peace of mind.

  • Nationwide Delivery: Get your car delivered anywhere in Spain for a small fee.

  • Unmatched Selection: Browse our extensive collection of Spanish LHD cars or submit an enquiry - we'll find your perfect match, even if it's not currently in Spain.

Ready to Make Your Spanish Dream Drive a Reality?

Contact us today for a free consultation! We'll guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have. We're passionate about helping you find the perfect LHD car for your Spanish adventure.

Click here to browse our LHD cars or contact us now! In the meantime so technical and useful information :

Bringing Your Vehicle to Spain

EU Citizens:

  • Drive for 6 months: You can legally drive your foreign-registered vehicle in Spain for 6 months per calendar year, as long as it has a valid MOT or equivalent technical control.

  • Extended stay: If you don't drive the vehicle, it can stay in Spain for longer, but must be registered or garaged after 6 months (residency card no longer required).

  • Import and Registration: Importing and registering a foreign vehicle can be complex. We recommend using our expert services to navigate the process smoothly.

Non-EU Citizens:

  • 6-month limit: Your vehicle can stay in Spain for up to 6 months per year, and must remain legal in its country of registration.

  • Sealing (rarely used): Technically, after 6 months, the vehicle should be officially sealed by Spanish authorities. However, this is rarely done.

Importing EU Vehicles:

  • New cars: Pay 16% VAT (IVA) and complete application Form 565.

  • Used cars (owned for over 180 days): No import tax or duty if VAT was paid in the purchase country.

  • Registration tax: Varies based on engine size and emissions (0% for under 120g/km CO2).

Registration Example:

  • 2010 Berlingo HDI: €11,200 book value

  • Registration tax (4.75% CO2): €526.40

  • Registration costs: €910.00

  • Total: €1,436.40

Documents for Registration:

  • Application form (online or offline)

  • Proof of address

  • Vehicle purchase receipt

  • Local car tax receipt

  • Registration tax receipt

  • Vehicle registration documents (Permiso de Circulacion and Permiso Para Conduccion)

  • Proof of VAT payment in purchase country

  • ID (residence card or passport)

  • Technical Test Certificate Card (Tarjeta de Inspeccion Tecnica)

  • Certificate of Conformity (EC or National)

  • Other (ownership declarations, driving licence, etc.)

Let Us Help!

Navigating import and registration can be overwhelming. Contact us for a free consultation and let our experts handle everything for you.

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